About us

Shoeboxbg birth happened one random Sunday afternoon, when me and my dad build unique in it's own way giant storage box for shoes.It all began as a hobby in our factory for furniture but we put all our diligence and knowledge to achieve the best possible result. And it all paid off - The first Shoeboxbg product was a fact.

Not long after that the internal rapid interest for our product motivated us to add new technology and use very selective materials to reach  high customer satisfaction. We carefully reviewed the feedback from our first sales and evaluated them so successfully that orders from UK,Germany,France,Italy,Netherlands,Canada,USA and even Australia started flying in.This brings us to nowadays. To times where we offer large variety of boxes and client favorite personal customization option on a Shoebox. We now ship worldwide and work closely with the biggest delivery companies.

Our story keeps growing with each box we make, each client we get and each idea we make reality. Something that started as a hobby is now well run and successful business. Our team is made of positively driven young people, who just like you share the same passion of being in the sneaker head community. Each box is handmade and carefully crafted to exceed your expectations. 

By ordering Shoebox from us you will realize you helped a dream became reality when you see our product. 

Shoeboxbg team