Acrylic Shoe Shelves

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Sneaker shelf

Are you also proud of your shoe collection? If you have scored many different or a few expensive sneakers, you naturally want to show them off. In that case, these sneaker shelves are indispensable! With these sneaker shelves you can display your collection on the wall in a unique way. Each sneaker shelf offers space for one pair of shoes and can also be mounted on the wall in different ways.

Show off your favorite sneakers

If you have sneakers that you paid a lot for, you don't want to hide them away in the back of a closet. Instead, you want to show them off and of course be able to admire them yourself! By placing your sneakers on these sneaker shelves, they immediately catch the eye and you create your own sneaker store, as it were.

High quality

The shoe shelves are made of durable acrylic that ensures that your sneakers stand out extra well. The acrylic is very sturdy and has smooth and round edges. This allows them to hold shoes of all sizes without breaking.

Experience the benefits for yourself now!

Easy to attach – The shoe shelf is easy to attach to the wall with screws and plugs. The set also comes with a screwdriver.